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Positive Youth Project

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AIDS Alliance started the Positive Youth Project to bring the voice of young people and parents living with HIV to policy makers who are making important decisions about the content of sex education and HIV prevention education programs for school-aged youth.


AIDS Alliance believes that young people are best equipped to make good decisions about their health and well-being when they have access to medically sound, scientifically accurate information. Therefore, we advocate for comprehensive HIV prevention and sex education that includes information about abstinence, and we oppose "abstinence-only" approaches that do not include information that equips young people to protect themselves and others if they are sexually active.


The majority of American parents support comprehensive, age-appropriate, science-based sex education programs for school-aged youth, but their voices are seldom heard in the public debate. Even less often do we hear from youth and parents who are living with HIV, yet their lives are uniquely affected by what policy makers decide about sex education and HIV prevention. 


Through the Positive Youth Project, AIDS Alliance empowers positive youth and parents to speak for themselves and educate policy makers about the benefits of comprehensive HIV prevention and sex education for school-aged youth.


In a Position to Know: Youth and Parents Living with HIV Speak Out on Sexuality Education