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Federal AIDS Funding

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Federal AIDS funding has never matched the need for care and support in local communities. Nor have adequate funds been directed to HIV prevention and the search for a cure. Especially in recent years, flat funding of the CARE Act and restrictions and other changes to the Medicaid program have left local programs struggling to provide increasingly complex and expensive care to a steadily increasing number of people with fewer and fewer dollars per person.




Appropriations is the process Congress uses to decide how much money can be spent for a federal program like the Ryan White CARE Act. The CARE Act has never been funded at an adequate level to meet the needs of low-income Americans living with HIV disease, and as the number of people living with HIV has increased, appropriations for the CARE Act has not kept pace. Most local programs funded through Title IV of the CARE Act are struggling to do more with less.


Federal AIDS Funding Chart


If you want to be a part of increasing federal AIDS funding, take action now!